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 attitude friendship status in english Friendship is an integral part of our life, our life without friends is like nothing which makes our life beautiful but does not allow us to enjoy life in its fullest form.  Ever close your eyes to see the friendship with the school you escaped from, or walk home late on your way home from school;  Again, the college classmate who spent the entire year in the classroom after traveling around the world sat down for almost a year of reading the night before the exam, and did not know which mantra he had gone to that terrible test the next day.  Friendship is one of the things in our life without which our life is absolutely white and black, it is not possible to have fun being one, but it is not possible to have an event, a situation or a story that helps you to become, without friends, school tiffin and  If you don’t have a college cigarette-sharing friend, life is “shockingly empty.”  There are many names in life, happiness, wealth, etc. But if there is a right friend, the moons of his life are different, whose memories can be shared with other people who were in that situation with you and shared with you the time.  Friendship day sms English,best English friendship quotes shayari status new for facebook instagram Best friendship status in English, Hindi friendship shayari. Dear friends, here is waiting many best awesome Best friendship statues messages  for you. I have collected so  from different sources. All status messages are really very nice. You can share these status with your best friends.You can post these status on your facebook wall. So lets see whats are waiting for you.

 friendship status in english

Best Friendship Status In English

attitude friendship status in english  

300+ [Best] Short Status for Whatsapp

friendship attitude status in english


 Who are real friends It can be guaranteed that even if it is measured based on some parameters, it cannot be guaranteed.  However, there is something about being a true friend – in fact, true friends are the ones who unselfishly engage with you without any exchange.

 friendship attitude status in english



What does friend mean?  One explains somehow.  From the literary to the ordinary people all want to erect a definition of friendship.  If a rhythm can be formed by combining all these definitions, and if that rhythm can be broken, then the ‘core’ thing that lies inside is friendship.  So friendship means any relationship that touches each other’s minds.  One whose wires are attached to the bond of the soul.


There is no ‘price’ of friendship

 Friendship is a precious gift that cannot be judged with any price or money.

friendship status in the English 

Carrying on a friendship in the name of life

 One thing you have ever thought about – because life is like a trip – one that can be compared to going out to a stranger in a villa – where a crowd lives a whole life – but somewhere in between, friendships remain.

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Friendship means an unselfish relationship

Friendship is accompanied by an uphill downhill of anger, grief and love.  So friendship does not mean intimate relationships.  Friendship teaches a lot of thinking.

   ······ Happy friendship ·······


(Best) friendship status english

Your friendship with me is even closer
We will walk together as the path is deep
In the midst of sad happiness, Robo Sada Mora is in the mix
The house will be in love with each other
······ Happy friendship ·······


Friend means a lot of things to find
In the morning, the sweet touch of sage in the eastern sky
Thousands of money is free to fall into your words
Fill your heart with laughter and feel sorry
You have an unpleasant odor spread while being naughty
You guys are good at times and evil
····· happy friendship ···

friendship attitude status in english


Sun lunar planets They are friends filled with my light
Flowers, birds and mountains, make your mind wander
Your face is like the moon in a storm
Palash Bakul Kadam Shimul is upset against you
······ Happy friendship ·······

friendship status english


Love and friendship are not one though
Yet you have a lot to love
Without love, the loser is a bird
I see your picture when the two are closed

Friend, you are the light of the sky in my room
In the midst of unhappiness and happiness, you are the companion to distraction
Lunar night filled with the moon
Throughout my heart you are my dry side
······ Happy friendship ·······

friendship status in English 


status about best friends

Friend is the cry of your heart
Never come in the eyes,
There are thousands of dreams in two new
Don’t blink your eyes.
What you got from asking
Small bridges are not small,
And today I could not find anything
It is as true as you,
Finger count is calculated
Human birth does not go away,
You are in the middle of life
Never look for the shore.

Wishing You Very Happy Friendship


See you on a gray morning
The afternoon will be colorful,
Friends are in the shadows on faith
This day and every day.

friendship status english

Come back in the evening for hearing
Aromatic odor spreading,
Rain is wet at the festival of this life
Your memory lives on,
As time goes on, the gap increases
Friend, you are still in the courtyard of the mind.
~~~ Happy Friendship ~~~


 friendship attitude status in english

Shining light on the porch of thought
Reach out to the sea of ​​memories
What are the colorful dreams that say
Friends can easily forget your face

This mind will sort with you
You are mixing flowers,
All my poems about you
You are dying in my life
You are the light of the moon
Season to feel good,
You are the friend of my heart
All my sought after.
—— Happy Friendship ——


best friendship status in English

I will be in the middle of a thousand storms
Without ever losing
As far as I am, I will run away
Thousands of obstacles.
~~ Wish happy friendship ~~

26 January Republic day status

Friend to say something
You know there are
Long story: time is short
The story goes.
In this way of relationship
Will talk
Lost dream felon
It will be spent in the morning
The sun will summon both hands.
*** happy friendship ***


Look away, friend, look at that sunrise
I’m on your side with no fear,
Don’t be proud of your friend
Your reward is to understand all my dreams.


friendship attitude status in english

Friend with your hand
The way i will go
Keep flowers in the chest
I will shake all the thorns,
When the sadness ran out
I will give hope
Faith is in the song of truth
I will bring it to your soul.

You are a lunatic moon at night, friend
Living with a dream filled with the sky,
If you are on dewy wet grass
Paint exterior
You are my dream in my courtyard
Smile on my shoulder
You are my friend
My trust

Friend i found you on friend’s path
I found myself again,
Standing at the door of your mind
How often do I find the path lost the same way,
When you came, I dreamed of moving forward
Friend i’m yours today

friendship attitude status in english

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