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#It is the work of children to see attitude, we directly show people their status

 Don’t know about money #idiot

 But at some place the name has been earned such that there is no #money, my #Naame walks

 If you give them too much attention,

 Brotherhood will definitely increase their airs.

 The lion is called a king with his strength, because there are no elections in the forest.

 Whose eyes are not good for us, get our eyes treated.

It is easy to beat anyone by gathering a crowd

 But the fun is when there is a stampede in the crowd on hearing your name.

Cool Attitude Whatsapp Status in English

Who refuse to see my time with me today, I will make myself such a great believer!

I have never answered brick with stone,

 Just gave the same brick back, who wasted time in finding the stone.

 I love so I care, if I hate I won’t even mention

 We all have #Dad, who is entangled with us, go see what is his ashes in the world

Attitude Status

Your # Aττιτυδε is #Chiller in front of me,

 Because my # Sτγιε is as much # Kιller 

The girls who call me Bad Boy,

 Maybe they don’t know,

 Shahzade never improved ..!

 I’m a boy, not a pencil who will hit all the lines,

 I love just two people…

 One who has given birth to me,

 And another man who was born to me ..!

I’m a boy, not a pencil who will hit all the lines,

 I love just two people…

 One who has given birth to me,

 And another man who was born to me ..!

 I am used to telling the truth on my face

 That is why people call me baddies ..!

 Someone has Ego, someone has Attitude,

 And we have a heart that is also very cute ..!

Top Attitude fb Status

 There is no reason for fear of liver

 We also step where there is no way ..!

 Love is such a word if a girl understands, a boy does not understand,

 And if the boy understands then the girl does not understand,

 And if both understand, then the people of the house do not understand .. !!!

 There is so much power in your look ..

 If I want, create a new love story every day,

 But I am a Nawabzadi and it is not in my nature to laugh ..!

 If you want to get something in life,

 Change the way, not the intention ..!

Best Attitude Status in English

 It is also fun to be single,

 Neither crying nor washing nor Shona nor Mona,
 Do not lose the trust of parents,

 Just heard the song and slept all the time ..!

 Girl 👩 you are your friend

 Our PHOTO 👦
 Seeing 👀 Confuse 😌 becomes ☝

 Before_Like 👍�कर or_Save👌

 # Don’t panic with brains!  # It is not necessary that people burn with fire – ?? 🔥… # Some people…… # also burn water in our name.

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 Our 💬 քɦօ t օ not only to get ʟɨkɛ👍 or ċ օʍʍɛռ t 💬 of people

 Rather 💁 them ने for ռɛ xt 👀 քɦօ t օ sɦ օօ t 📷

 քօ sɛ ċ օքʏ 📝 to do

 # ʂɬąɬųʂ__ƙıŋɠ 👑

 # Son 👶🏼

 # Mirchi 🌶 # Chewing 😬 # Habit

 Because 4

 We will never leave our #Attitude #Never # in life.

 Don’t show so much attitude, Pagli .. Otherwise I will change you as I do everyday status changes ..

 And in front of our #Attitude everyone’s speech stops ..

  Some are right and some are bad

 People call us #Disrupted #Nawab !!

 When # you have #, then #

 #Heart wants that #time should stop #

 #You have a #complaint, that I have #changed #time,

 Do you ever ask # to yourself, is # you # the same !!

 I am very happy

 # Because now # I expect # I keep # from myself, not from others.

 # Praising another girl in front of a #girl,

 # Petrol is like # cigarette smoking at # Pump !!

 When after unmatched love, he says that we can never be one …….

 Attitude Status for Boys

 No one remembers those who are loyal,

 I will remember the world as if you are unfaithful

 Sometimes this question is very troubling

 Why did we meet when we didn’t even meet

 If he had been killed, the world would have come in the eyes,

 The murderer was a murderer

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 You have the right to be happy in your world but what is mine… ..

 You are my world

 He will remember the day my love, my love… ..

 Will cry a lot to be mine again that day

 How kind of you too, kept on wounding

 I could not even say two words of thankfulness

             boys  Attitude Status

 * Heard nothing, *

 * Nothing said, *

 * But it is scattered in life’s misery .. *

 * That nothing is broken, *

 * There is nothing left…

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