300+ [Best] Short Status for Whatsapp

Short Status for Whatsapp, Social media is the best way to express your thoughts.  Moreover, most  love to share social media status.  Are you looking for  Short status for WhatsApp  and  Facebook Status?  Then this post is just for you.  Here you can get very beautiful Short status for Whatsapp and Facebook Status in English.  On this page I am sharing love, sad, romantic, funny status.  So why are you waiting for this?  Download these WhatsApp statuses and Facebook statuses quickly and use them on your social media.

Here you will get all the Best Short status for WhatsApp statuses absolutely free and you can share  with your dear friends and loved ones through your Facebook or WhatsApp.  Many of us search status on YouTube but these cannot be downloaded, only viewed.  So today I shared this status below.

One Line Whatsapp Status


Short Status for Whatsapp

Cool Whatsapp Status

Aina was caught taking bribe again today

 There was pain in the heart, the face was caught laughing

 Wearing every amulet,

 Comfort comes from your vision.

 She doesn’t even take bribe to give up her fucking life.

 I think your memory is very honest…. !!

 Suicide is not just a matter of life.

 Look, I stopped smiling .. !!

 Where can I get the words that only you can hear… ..!

 Let the world see your moon;  Only you can see me .. !!


Funny One Line Whatsapp Status

 He will keep everyone after me

 You will remember me

 Very easy to build a house on land

 Life passes in making space in the heart .. !!!

 Distance can also be a deception of the eyes.

 Whether they meet or not, raise your hand and see….

 I don’t remember all his words

 I remember the mole on his waist.  .

 Be part of your makeup, my part too

 Let me also get a mole somewhere on your face.

 Nothing special in Mana but

 Not in someone like me

 Mohabbat aur kuch kare ya na kare,

 Mobile definitely makes it silent

Attitude One Line Status


 Give your lips another job,

 Your eyes speak better.

 Staying close is notorious

 So now everyone is greeted from afar

 What did you see his picture last night,

 Why can’t the eyes see anything now

 I have to come in prayers,

 In dreams, everyone comes

 We will fight those who are openly hostile,

 But what about those who give the pain of smiling

 Anger and doubt do the same in love

 In which love is full of tricks

 You are the sweetness of my salty life


One Line Attitude Status For Instagram

 The reality of life is just that,

 People become memories in an instant

 The first love is always remembered

 Dard-e-Dil Abad always remains

 Where did we know what love is,

 Just got a ‘you’ and life became love.

 Often the one you want to break

 He is the one who destroys

 The mobile keeps ringing next to the pillow,

 Relationships fell silent, when did they fall asleep .. !!

Short status for whatsapp about life

 Jhumke se kah do gaal ko chumna chod de,

 If love is disgraced, there will be thousands of murders.

 Musibat hai jo tera yeh jhumka gaalon pe jhul gaya,

 I came to say I forgot the matter of the heart.

 Alfaz decides the decisions of the characters,

 Getting down is in the heart, or getting down from the heart .. !!

 It’s all about the wrist

 Otherwise bangles are not so beautiful

 The redness of the evening, the mascara of the night, the destiny of the morning, you!

 Walking around, Taj Mahal, you are breathing Kashmir, you… !!

Short Status for Whatsapp on Attitude

 Do not be discouraged in wanting relationships in life

 These relationships have become very strange nowadays

 Everyone is at leisure but no one has time

 The scattering of scatterings on your face ..

 What can I say, O moon, your every payment

 A beautiful moment becomes a relationship

 Know who becomes a part of life when

300 [Best] Short Status for Whatsapp

 Don’t look in the mirror everyday, if you want to see, look at my DP,

 It will show your face ,,,,

 There is magic in your face,

 Khushbu keeps coming to my heart every moment.

 Sit in front, the heart will agree ..

 The more you see, the more love you will have ..

 Some people go down in the heart so much

 Take them out, then the life is gone

 Flirting is the first step of love

 Today I had collided with myself, today I am incalculable broken

 Forgetting what those days were, we used to miss you

 I turn off the lights in the evening,

 One heart is enough to burn in your memory

 That one is one in a million, isn’t it?

 Just be the same to me.

 Mere zindagi main khushiyan tere bahane se hai,

 Half is to harass you, half is to persuade you.


Best WhatsApp Status

 Races are won by those who try their luck,

 We are the players who play with their luck

 Beauty is neither in appearance nor in clothing

 Just look at whomever you want

 It was a beautiful morning of my love to meet you

 I had a heart, that too became yours

 It is not possible for him to be unaware of my feelings.

 Baat dil ki hai dil tak to jati hi hogi…. !!

 I have to be careful

 He has a lump in his cheek.

 Mohabbat hui hai…,

 Don’t know why !!

 But to live now

 .  Got the reason !!

 How can I lose in the face of these difficulties,

 How long has my mother been waiting for my promotion .. !!


Cool WhatsApp Status Quotes

 My life is adorned with Ulfat of your memories

 I am not mad to forget you.

 You are so wounded by the arrows of the eyes.

 Show a picture of a lover who is convincing.

 May everyone love you….

 But the curse is that no one should do like me… .. !!

 I will keep you alive in my poetry,

 I will keep you ashamed like this for ages .. !!

Romantic WhatsApp Status Quotes

 Never hesitated to bother him every moment

 Today I think many times to know his condition.

 Naspita is sitting as a lawyer

 Proof of love on talk

 Asks .. !!!

 Dil tamasha kar raha hai,

 Life is applauding,

 What will you do with me sir

 I have put my love on my head

 Odh kar pallu aaj wo ghar se nikle

 I saw the moon burning in the sun for the first time

 You will come and erase my pain one day ..

 This is the hope we have healed so far.!

 [Best] Short Status for Whatsapp

 That is all we said, we are thirsty for rain !!

 He silenced me by placing hont on honto

 Khushboo kyun na aaye meri baaton se yaaron,

 I have fallen in love with the same flower for years ..

 Nayab hota hai har pal zindagi ka

 Who will be robbed, who will not be thought of…

 How to live alone,

 That’s all some people come to life to teach

 There was a time when we didn’t stop anyone.

 Whatever you want to go, go

 She used to look down, whenever she came out of the corridors,

 Manchale Dil understood it as love

 Everyone fell asleep listening to their pain

 If someone was mine, I would also fall asleep

 You have to go a long way to find out,

 Who is near

 Ishq mein na jaane kab ham hadh guzar gaye !!

 Many dreams filled my eyes !!

 The river is very proud of its existence

 Those who are entangled with my thirst will fly away

 The heart was no rough copy

 You came and erased all the happiness and left

 Will stay somewhere will report,

 Say to death, we are on a journey now ..

 We were both deceived

 I understood you differently from others

 And you treated me like others

 That intoxication of attitude has come upon me which will not come,

 Even if the personality disappears, this man will not bow down to anyone.

 -#2- WhatsApp Status one word

 Hey #Pagli!  For your 1 #Smile we will forget “Duniya”,

 So think, how many tears will you make for your 1 # tears…

 Attitude status

 – # 3—

Line Status In English

 Don’t wait on your Whatsapp, Itra Pagli is as much as your friend…

 Our Anytime live online as much…?

 – # 4—

मेरी स्थिति कल थी, यह अभी भी है और कल होगा,


मेरा दृष्टिकोण कैलेंडर नहीं है, जो वर्ष के साथ नहीं बदलता है।

 – # 5—

 Boys who put a big attitude photo… ..

 He is the first to ask if Uncle bites your dog.

 Hindi Attitude Status

 – # 6—

 Click # once to see,

 Will go straight to # Dil without # Loding.

 – # 7—

Instagram Caption

 Do not try to be more #Smart because

 My #Bal is also longer than your #Okat.

 – # 8—

 This blood is a little conceited, because we are a beautiful family.   

 – # 9—

 Hamare has only two log steps in the hideout…

 Those who have a zigger or who have zErO figure…

 – # 10—

 Have fun, take it everyday, search if you don’t

 – # 11—

 To beat my brother, no child’s game, because there are more railway gates in India…

 More than that, my drama is…

 – # 12—

 He bleeds into our veins,

 If one drop of acid falls on the acid, then the acid burns…

 – # 13—

 We still play chess games alone,

 Because we do not know how to trick against friends ..

 – # 14—

 She is the beauty of beauty, I am the King of Attitude….

 Khatti-mithi, our love story a little less – a little more   

 – # 15—

 Don’t judge my luck,

 I have already turned many storms…

Life Status for Whatsapp

 – # 16—

 In this world, we have a different status…

 # Enemy or # world is occupied by each one’s own heart.

 – # 17—

 Your time will be precious, but we too are priceless, not everyone gets it.

 2020 Attitude Status

 – # 18—

 Get into the habit of copying my #Style, ..

 No other artist than me, you accept this thing.

 – # 19—

 You’re # smart is a good thing, but don’t think of me as # fool, that’s a better thing.

 – # 20—

 # Of course our gang is small .. but the members keep it all like #Sultan Mirza…

 Attitude status

 – # 21—

 One day, I will be like #Entry Lion ..

 When the noise will be less and the fear will be more.

 – # 22—

 #Attitude shows children, we show people their status.

 – # 23—

 My drama will not work in my city… ..

 Here I am as #famous as Obama in #America

 – # 24—short status for whatsapp on attitude

 See, my shoes are also cleaner than yours.

 – # 25—

 Do not consider life so cheap that 2 people of the penny come and play with your life   

 – # 26—

 Your #attitude will make me sad, but my #attitude will finish you…

 – # 27—

 Everyone tries, but not everyone rules,

 #Attitude then passes Sabke, but there is no #stimulation like Hamare…

 – # 28—

 The whole world has started burning …… because our name has started moving.

 – # 29—

 I do not adulterate like people,

 Whatever I love or hate, I do 100%.

 – # 30—

 Today morning I got a #Call of #Income Tax People,

 Said – “Don’t put such a great #STATUS, otherwise I’ll put #Tax”

 – # 31—

 Trying not to keep everyone “happy”,

 The “resentment” of some people is also necessary, to remain in the discussion…

 – # 32—

 Today that girl also copies my #Status,

 Which used to say to me in the 10th – “Look 99 out of 100”

 – # 33—

 Dogs belong to the state… ..we have the status.

 – # 34—

 I do not wish to be famous…

 You recognize me _ That’s enough… !!

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