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Chekuthan Song Lyrics Meaning in English by-Ribin Richard is a kochi based musician. Along with Nihal Sadiq they had come up with a superb song Kaalame Poyidam . It was made based on Madhu an Adivasi guy- who was beaten to death for stealing food. It is now more than 3 years it has happened. 

Chekuthan Song Lyrics Meaning in English 

Ee Kalam Nenjil Cherkkathe Ninne

Ararum Thala Keejum O

Not long ago, within our hearts, You were neglected.

And now we bow down in shame.

Kalame Poyidam Needidam Pookalay

Marunee Chunthayay Poorunni 

This phase, too, shall pass. Shall welcome a flowery era.

With a thought of change. Come with us!

Kalame Nee Keriva Keriva

Ninnilay Valarnnu Nee Padarnnu Nee

Mellaya Nagangal Korthu Munnil Vannu

Mugam Moodiyulla Chekuthande Kootam Ningal

Time rise above everything!

Grow and spread your glory!

Slowly bearing their claws, they’re approaching us!

Prepare to tackle the legion of devils in disguise.

Neeyane Ullinnullil Yannum Vishappanee

Theerathe Kanalane

Ararum Kana Loagam Elle Kall Keejil

Aradhyam Vannathane

The hunger within burns like fire familiar.

Undying embers are all that’s left of it.

There’s a world yet to be seen from where you stand.

Above all, who were the ones to have come here first?

Kalame Nee Keriva Keriva

Kalame Nee Keriva Keriva Va Va Va Va Va

Chekuthande Kootam Ningal

Time rises above everything!

Rise above, rise above!

All of you form the legion of devils!

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