100+ Happy Birthday Wishes In Kannada 2021

Happy Birthday Wishes In Kannada : Birthday is a special day for every human being.  And we all want to make a good  Birthday Wish  with a nice gift to the people near us on their birthday.  But finding the right words to wish a happy birthday can be a little difficult.  So we have brought your special demand  Birthday Wishes In Kannada .

You can easily send these Unique  Birthday Wish to people close to you through Whatsapp and Facebook,

Happy Birthday Wishes In Kannada 


 Let everything be new today,

 Let the memory of happiness be near, let the sorrows be far away.

 ((Happy Birthday))


ಇಂದು ಎಲ್ಲವೂ ಹೊಸದಾಗಿರಲಿ,

 ಸಂತೋಷದ ನೆನಪು ಹತ್ತಿರವಿರಲಿ, ದುಃಖಗಳು  ದೂರವಿರಲಿ.

 ((ಹುಟ್ಟುಹಬ್ಬದ ಶುಭಾಶಯಗಳು))


 Raise the sail in the happy sky forever

 As much debt will be repaid with laughter

 This night is dawn by the light

 Never tear this friend’s hand

 Happy Birthday


There is nothing fat, cholesterol, drugs in this sms..there’s just a lot of sweetness, just as sweet as the reader of this message..sweet birthday wishes


Let it be a day when all your colorful births come back, this happy birthday of yours is falling again and again no matter how far away I feel.


May the most beautiful life in this beautiful world be yours,

 May every dream, every hope be fulfilled,

 Live for a thousand years. ~ Happy Birthday


May Allah bless you every day

 Excess of new happiness.

 And let it spread around you

 Various hints of happiness.

 ~ Happy Birthday


On this day, let everything be new, let the memories of happiness remain, let the sorrows go away.  Don’t keep the worn out past and work hard in this new day.

Forget all the sad events of the past… Focus on the present .. May many happy tides come throughout your life… Happy Birthday.

 Good night good day
 Your birthday is coming up
 What can i give you on your birthday
 A bouquet of roses and a chest
 Nothing but love
 Not mine !!!


Another year has come, it will grow and another candle, yesterday and today I am still walking your path, I will keep my promise for the rest of my life! Happy Birthday!


Happy happy happy day

 Today is your birthday

 Your bright smile on your face

 Flowers are blooming

 Among the thousand flowers-

 Ducks like roses,

 That’s your friend

 Life floats in the sea of ​​happiness.


Congratulations on a great day, good luck on the way, I hope the next life will be happy, enjoy the day well. ~ Happy Birthday


I hope you will never deviate from the path of truth in the joy of life .. Happy birthday ..



 This birthday is yours
 Welcome back again and again
 In the pale avro grove of the earth
 Let the form color again
 Let’s wash away all the troubles and sorrows
 I like your smile
 May all animals be fragrant
 Happy birthday


  • May the dreams come true, may all hopes be fulfilled.
  •  Let go of sorrows, let life be filled with happiness.
  •  May life be blessed, good luck to you.
  •  ~ Happy Birthday
  •  Get a little quicker at this bar, get some sleep, try to match the eyes, one more year is over. ~ Happy Birthday
  •  May the dreams come true, may all hopes be fulfilled.
  •  Let go of sorrows, let life be filled with happiness.
  •  May life be blessed, good luck to you.
  •  ~ Happy Birthday
  •  Happy Happy Happy Day, today is your birthday.
  •  Your bright smile on your face, flowers are blooming.
  •  Laughs like a rose among a thousand flowers,
  •  In the same way, your friend, life floats in the sea of ​​happiness.
  •  Surya Mama came to the window this morning
  •  Said good morning
  •  Today the rainbow goes away to the far country with a smile
  •  Paint the walls of the mind
  •  This evening they informed me
  •  Notice your heart
  •  Happy Birthday
  •  Happy birthday, love of the world, will reach you, this is my hope, you may laugh after this poem, who knows the purpose will be successful, if this message brings a little smile on your face.
  •  ~ Happy Birthday
  •  Today the smiles on the faces of the clouds are hidden
  •  The rain seems to be very beautiful today
  •  Today the sky is a procession of sad joy
  •  Happy salil is spread on the chest of the earth
  •  Happy Birthday
  •  May the wishes be fulfilled in the swing of happiness
  •  No matter how happy your partner is, always open your heart
  •  Let there be hundreds of mistakes and pain in the world
  •  Happy birthday to you
  •  Happy birthday
  •  Hope you enjoy life
  •  Never deviate from the path of truth.
  •  Happy Birthday Neo.
  •  ~ Happy Birthday
  •  Sorry for your life
  •  One more year passed,
  •  Going one step further towards death.
  •  Happy birthday back year after year,
  •  The day of smiles happy colorful touches gift.
  •  You are among millions of people
  •  You continue to flourish among millions.
  •  You are enlightened in the midst of thousands.
  •  The sky stays in the middle of the sun.
  •  Happy birthday
  •  I can bring you the moon and stars of the sky, I can cover the whole world with flowers for you so that whenever you walk, thorns do not grow on your soft feet, I can bring all the happiness of the world for you, I can decorate your every day beautifully, you I can offer love again. On your birthday (Happy Birthday SMS) I want to say that you are the queen of my life.
  •  Will I give my heart as a gift or will I give moon-stars
  •  Sarah is wondering what to give you on your birthday
  •  If I bet my life in your name, it seems less
  •  I filled your area with all the joys of the world.
  •  Happy Birthday Message (Subho Jonmodin)!
  •  I asked everyone what her favorite day was, some said Saturday, some said Sunday. Later they asked me which is my favorite day, to which I replied, “My wife’s birthday (Happy Birthday Wishes In Bengali).
  •  A lot of love for you, millions of roses
  •  I will remember you in this crowd of the world
  •  Lots of caresses, love and wishes for the birthday.
  •  You always smile like a flower
  •  Always chirping like a bird
  •  Whatever you want in this life
  •  Get everything right
  •  I wish this on my birthday.
  •  Be more fresh on this special day,
  •  Happy birthday to you with love.
  •  Your birthday today is a lot of fun,
  •  I wish you to be filled with joy and beautiful moments.
  •  Let there be double moments of joy in your life every day
  •  Get rid of all the troubles in your life
  •  God always keep you fine and fit
  •  Happy Birthday to your Wonderful and Hit.

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