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Happy Birthday Images

Birthday is a special day for every human being. And we all want to make a good  Birthday Wish  with a nice gift to the people near us on their birthday. But finding the right words to wish a beautiful birthday can be a little difficult. So we have brought your special demand happy Birthday Wishes, Quotes Messages Photos Greetings Status images for you

You can easily send this Happy Birthday Wish to people close to you through Whatsapp and Facebook.


Today is your birthday

 May your life be colorful

 Happiness does not disappear

 Don’t let sorrow come any day

  Happy Birthday to you ๐ŸŽ‚


 One more year, you can,

 Stay healthy, stay well,

 I wish this again and again.

  Happy Birthday ๐ŸŽ‚


 Today is your birthday

 Happy happy day to you.

 Always have your mind,

 Colorful with such joy.

  Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday Wishes With Images

 Happy birthday

 Love and affection,

 Will reach you,

 I just hope this.

  Happy Birthday 


 Year after year comes back

 Happy birthday

 Laughter is a colorful touch of happiness

 Gift day. โ€


One more year you can.


Stay healthy, stay well.

 I wish this again and again.

  Happy Birthday 


 Joy cuts into exhilaration

 Like your every day,

 Greetings to you today

  Happy Birthday ๐ŸŽ‰


Happy Birthday Quotes

 A little quick at this bar,

 Sleep deprivation,

 Look at the match,

 One more year is over.

  Happy Birthday ๐ŸŽ‰


The sun smiles at the end of the night,

 Fill with light.

 Come back again and again

 Happy birthday to you. 

Today is your birthday,

 Happy birthday,

 Always have your mind

 Colorful with such joy.

  Happy Birthday ๐ŸŽˆ

 Full moon for the moon,

 Fountains for mountains,

 Estuary for rivers,

 And left for you

 Lots of birthdays

 Many good wishes.

  Happy Birthday๐ŸŽ‚

 Today is a special day

 Become more fresh,

 I tell you with love

  Happy Birthday ๐ŸŽŠ

Happy Birthday Wishes & Messages

 Someone’s favorite day is Sunday

 Someone’s favorite day Monday,

 My favorite day is your birthday

  Happy Birthday Wishes for you

 At the end of the day

 Happy birthday

 But your words

 Just thinking all day.

 Happy Birthday ๐Ÿฅณ

Be more fresh on this special day,

 Happy birthday to you with love

 I will give you a gift on your birthday

 Love in Bengali,

 Don’t pair in Hindi.

  Happy Birthday ๐ŸŽ‰

 May this day be filled with love and enthusiasm,

 I hope all the loved ones are there.

 More improvements in life, good luck,

 I wish Aishwarya to come.

 ~ Happy Birthday๐ŸŽ‚

 Today I hope for the joy of life

 The journey will never deviate from the path of truth.

 Happy Birthday Friends ๐Ÿฅณ.

 A little quick at this bar,

 Sleep deprivation,

 Look at the match,

 One more year is over.

 Happy Birthday

 I am grateful to this day,

 Because on this day you were born,

 This was the happiest day of my life.

  Happy Birthday

 I’ve been waiting a year for this day,

 Because on this special day the Creator loves you

 Sent to me specially in the world!

 New morning, new day

 Start anew, which is not the end.

 With many happy birthday wishes

 I sent you this SMS!

 Happy Birthday

 Everyone will wish with flowers,

 I will either do it with heart.

 Some will say in their mouths and some will give gifts,

 I said either by SMS.

 Let everything be new today,

 Keep the memory of happiness, let the sorrows go away.

 Don’t think about the past, remember,

 Work hard on this new day.

 Happy Happy Happy Day, today is your birthday.

 Your bright smile on your face, flowers are blooming.

 Laughs like a rose among a thousand flowers,

 That’s how your friend,

 Life seems to float in the sea of โ€‹โ€‹happiness.

 Happy Birthday Neo though late,

 If I get a birthday treat, I will be very happy.

  Happy Birthday

 Birthdays come and go, everyone grows up one more year,

 Gifts are opened and discarded,

 I want this wish to remain with me forever.

  Happy Birthday


May the most beautiful life in this beautiful world be yours,

 May every dream, every hope be fulfilled,

 Survive for a thousand years.

  Happy Birthday

 The best time of my life is yours

 Like growing up with a lively friend

 Thank you for making life colorful.

 Today is your birthday, what gift will I give?

 I have nothing to give without a heart.

 Today is your birthday, I gave this song as a gift.

 May the dreams come true, may all hopes be fulfilled.

 Let go of sorrows, let life be filled with happiness.

 May life be blessed, good luck to you.

  Happy Birthday

Night comes, day comes,

 Months go by, years come by,

 Everyone hopes for a better day,

 I hope it’s your birthday.

  Happy Birthday

 Tonight calls for you

 Anuk happy new morning,

 May this day be easy for you,

 Today is just for you

 And no one says happy birthday,

 Let the world be colorful for you today!

  Happy Birthday

 Let’s go back to that day

 Whatever your color

 From birth to birth,

 Happy birthday to you

 I feel like reading again and again

 No matter how far away I am.

 The king has a lot of wealth, I have a beautiful mind,

 The birds have small nests, I think one come,

 I will love you.

  Happy Birthday

 Congratulations on a great day,

 Good luck on the way

 I hope the next life is happy,

 Enjoy today.

  Happy Birthday

 The day the sun did not rise, the day the flowers did not bloom,

 Because say it was a birthday.

 The day was yours, mine

 Sometimes the memory of that day is hidden,

 Which reminds me of the response every year.


Another day beyond the night so your birthday.

 Nature has made a new outfit,

 The flowers are blooming in the trees,

 Doyle is calling for an autopsy,

 Say happy birthday.

 The fragrant softness in the air today,

 The birds are singing in rows,

 Nature has swayed and colored,

 The flowers are all blooming in the garden,

 Today is my darling’s birthday.

 Happy Birthday

 Someone’s favorite Saturday,

 Someone’s Sunday,

 Just one of my favorite days,

 Your birthday.

May Allah bless you every day

 Excess of new happiness.

 And let it spread around you

 Various hints of happiness.

  Happy Birthday

 Warm birthday congratulations

 Let the beautiful man I know,

 A smile illuminates your surroundings,

 Lots of love for you!

 I pray for you 12 months of joy,

 52 Weeks Happy, 365 Days Success,

 60 hours of good health and 52600 minutes of good luck.

  Happy Birthday

 The greatest gift God has given us is our life!

 Now it depends on our usage and actions

 Whether we want to give ourselves the gift of being good.

  Happy Birthday

 May Allah bring happiness in your life every year,

 Let every moment of life bring new gifts of joy,

 Let the test come into your life,

 Let each test only bring success!

  Happy Birthday

 Happy birthday, love the world,

 It will reach you, my hope,

 You might laugh after this poem,

 Who knows, the purpose will succeed,

 If this message brings a little smile on your face.

 Delete the old pain, open the window of the mind,

 Forget the days of Betha, wipe away the tears,

 Let go of sorrow and grief, remember all new hopes.

  Happy Birthday

 The sweet light flickers on the green trees,

 Shaking in the gentle breeze, the flower bud smiles,

 The song of the birds is a kindness to the magic of the environment,

 They got the touch of your green birthday.

 Happy Birthday

 I am grateful for this day!

 Because you were born today,

 Like good friends and people

 I have hardly gotten in life.


Raise the sail in the happy sky forever

 As much debt as the laughter song will be repaid

 This night is dawn in the light

 Never tear this friend’s hand

 Happy Birthday

 Good night good day

 Your birthday is coming up

 What can i give you on your birthday

 A bouquet of roses and a chest

 Nothing but love

 Not mine!

 Summer Flowers, Rain Flowers,

 Gitali of autumn, Mitali of Hemont,

 Winter Cakes, Spring Flowers,

 Fill the days of your life like this.

  Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

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