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Siddharth Malhotra in an interview has said, Sometimes you choose a movie, and sometimes a movie chooses you.” When Vikram Batra’s twin brother Vishal Batra approached Siddharth as he and his family thought Siddharth was the right fit for Vikram on screen, the story of Captain Batra chose Siddharth Malhotra.

And 5years after that we are witnessing the Brave Tale of Captain Vikram Batra. Siddharth is associated with this movie for 5 years and he has been involved in both the front end and back end work of this movie. From making the script more compressed and tight to pitching the project to Dharma for better making, Siddharth was with this story.

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I guess, every actor works hard for their film but the destiny of a movie is not in his  her hand. But today when I was watching ‘Shershah’ I got a different feeling. I feel this movie will pay back to Siddharth. And after getting the positive reactions, I think it just happened.

Shershaah Movie Rating

 8.8 / 10

Undoubtedly, Siddharth Malhotra’s career’s best and maybe one of the well-made war films in Bollywood. The screenplay is crisp, war scenes are well choreographed, and most importantly zero jingoism. I love the fact that they stay true to only Vikram Batra’s life. Kargil is a vast topic and discussing all the aspects is very difficult for a 2 hours film. Maybe someday we can watch a Web series on this topic.

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The one little thing I felt is that they should establish Vikram – Dimple’s love story a little more. I loved Sid – Kiara’s chemistry and as much as they showed. I even understood that they wanted to focus on the war more. But a woman who spends all her life loving a man she met 25years ago and who’s no more. I wish they establish it a little better.

My eyes were moist many times in the movie though. Most of the events are true and it’s heartbreaking sometimes when you realize that. There was a true event of the Indian army performing the last rites of some Pakistani Soldiers whose bodies were rejected by Pakistan. That’s why when Vikram said, ‘Yeh war badi kutti cheez hain. “you felt it.

Vishnu Vardhan amazingly directed the war sequences. The second half felt highly gripping. Kiara Advani has a brief role and she has done her best. Shiv Pandit, Niketan Dhir, Raj Arjun are perfectly cast as fellow soldiers.

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And can all the Bollywood movies appoint Red Chillies Entertainment for their VFX? They are so on point every time.

In the end, the interview of ‘Shershah’ Captain Vikram Batra by Barkha Dutt which maybe we have watched several times is shown to us. And this time it hit you differently.

There is a scene where our soldiers jumping over the Pakistani flag lying in the battleground without stepping on it. Likewise, this movie could have been a Pakistan bashing film but it chose to be the courageous tale of our beloved hero Captain Vikram Batra.

 I highly recommend it, streaming on Amazon Prime.

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