15+ Depression Quotes That Will Help You Not Feel Alone


15+ Depression Quotes to Help You Through  

When everything is broken, there is sound, but when the mind is broken, there is no sound. That is why the one who breaks his mind is the only one who understands how much it hurts. ………………… l MISS U

 Do you still lose in the land of clouds? Do you still think about me?

 The mistake was mine, because the dream was that I was alone

 I am the sky in which you are the star

 I am nowhere in your city but my whole city is you, you are my busyness and I am your leisure


 I heard you’re fine. You forgot. You taught me to fly again. I heard that life doesn’t stop, but why can’t I forget you? Tell me who else is there.

 I set you free, I can go far, I will not say this, I will not say this, and if you are happy, you will not come, and I will find the happiness I have not got back in the crowd of cost.

 There is no imagination, there is no prayer for you today, there is no desire for you today, there is no inspiration for you, where are you lost ……. !!!

 Sometimes a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčtrouble comes, the memories of suffering float in the eyes, the poisonous chobal mare on the canvas of the mind. Yet why do people love suffering

 I will laugh in the joy of liberation, my laughter will be just a layer of happiness. In this way I will die patiently

Depression Quotes About Love


 When there is love, there may be no merit, there is a lot of love lost due to lack of merit, and when there is merit, there may not be a mind like love, because the mind is wasted time to suffer.

 I came innocent, I will become a sinner, I did not think I would suffer so much in this world. Say friend, say friend, no one is yours, in this momentary world, everything is acting

 Two birds nested in a tree. Hope seemed to last a lifetime. Suddenly the rain came and broke the house. The love of birds has been lost since that day

 It is a great responsibility to find true love in this cruel world, everyone wants to be fooled by sweet words. In fact, there is no love in one’s heart, there is another hope in one’s mind. When the interest is liberated, it is cut off with sorrow

 The dead bird named Sukh may never come back. I will have a cruel bird named Dukh in this small room of my mind.

 Friend, you are fine !! I went far today !! I don’t know why he left me alone like this !! So I went on the path from which no one ever came back

 Today is that day, I was so happy! Today is that day, I got a wound in the chest! Today is your day! On this day, this heart is broken

 From today I will change, I will become cruel! Shroud your sand, I will cross Achinpur! Forget everything, build a house! That house will be named, dark grave!

 Love is an illusion, the farther you go, the closer you get, the more you forget, the more you remember, and the more you laugh, the more you cry.

 There are some difficulties in the house of this mind, some tears flow in the stream of tears. Suddenly I wiped my eyes and smiled again, I kept looking for a smile, why do I love? Love is very hard, it is life threatening, the last fruit of love is tears in the chest. Alas love

 Adversity changes people, adversity strengthens people and every adversity is a new lesson for me

 Even today, why are the memories given by you in the mud, the mind is broken in the abyss, the letters written by you are left alone. Give that emptiness that loses. What he knows is that no one lives in a broken mind in a very secret way, so much so that you didn’t come back to Fagune in the autumn and in the afternoon in the wet Shravan. Touching you takes you somewhere in the cloud

 I tore up the diary page, where thousands of dreams were written .. I just couldn’t tear the page of my mind, where there is a lot of pain

 Although two people are happy in every love, the third one must suffer! This may be the rule of the world

 I will be waiting for you, I don’t know how far, in this game of destiny, no one understands why the thoughts are random today, but as if everything is moving forward as before, there is no truth or falsehood, everything seems to be in reality.

 Give me trouble, but don’t give me so much that I don’t have the strength to sew. Sorry, but don’t give so much that I don’t have the ability to read. Don’t make me cry so much that one day the water of tears will flood you

 If anyone understood the meaning of tears in two eyes. If only everyone knew that there is happiness behind sorrow. In the midst of love, there are all these sweet and sour, but in the life of many, these are also false

 The flowers have all fallen, the garden is empty today. You feel sad when you think of memory. Suddenly lost in an unknown country. How does it mix with the air when it leaves? The song of the birds wakes you up, not on your phone. Not seen at the end of the defense vigil

 When I wrote your name on the ground ,, wet in the rain ….. I wrote in the sky ,, the sky was covered with clouds ….. but whenever I wrote in my heart ,, just then you forgot me

 Can you light my extinguished lamp —! To show what my forgotten dream can do —! Can you hear the secret of my heart -! What can you build my broken life

 You and your shadow behind the lonely path on the lonely highway; Promise of emptiness in the magic of silent rebellion You are dark, dark all around

 Tears are the most precious water, because you know what ?? Although there are many types of water in the world, only tears can mean the pain of losing someone

 If the hardships of life could have been tied up, I would have tied it up with care, because, if you ever come back, I would show you how hard it was for you to leave.

 If I only knew I would be the cause of your trouble. I will be the cause of your tears. But to be honest, I would never come in your life, I would only go to love you from afar

 Go ahead and come back …… I don’t want to cross alone ….. This path will get its own price …..

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