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The festival of joy of Life, Durga Puja is a different emotion and feeling for every Bengali.  Throughout the year, people look forward to it the best festival Durga Puja has come. Looking forward to these five days of the year, every Bengali should look forward to the rest of the year. These days, forgetting everything, every Bengali became happy with the festival.

But what if you just get up in the joy of the festival? Loved ones and friends should also send Durga Puja greetings, right? But why is it late? Send now …Or you can give Facebook, What’s app status …..


Hopefully these colors of Shardiya festival will stay with us forever. Hopefully the joy of this Shardiya festival will touch all the members of the family. Best wishes for Durga Puja.

I hope Mother Durga will illuminate your path to success. Now let Durga Puja bring happiness to our family. On behalf of me, I extend my best wishes and prostrations to all the families.


Our life is a journey and hopefully that journey will turn into a beautiful journey of happiness, prosperity and success with the blessings of the mother. Happy Durga festival.

 Puja’s flute is far away. Mother is coming. The smell of hyacinths is coming year after year. Happy Mahasasthi

The birds of the forest got up on hearing the news of the arrival of Shardiya. Happy Mahasasthi

 Worship is coming, drums are ringing! All of you stay well! There were many good wishes for the sixth puja


The sound of the drums can be heard, the melody of the arrival. This time it was my mother’s turn to start a fun game. So congratulations in advance for expressing this happy mind. Happy Mahasasthi

Autumn morning frosty wind, so lost in anxiety. To the beat of cashews and drums, the hyacinths are wet this morning; Mom has been around for years. Pujo’s air is all over the world. Happy Mahasaptami

The sky of autumn, the twinkling of the sun; The smell of hyacinth flowers. Mother came home again, why the door is closed? The pujo came, so the drummer played the instrument again, there is not a day left for the pujo to come. Happy Mahasaptami

Paraya paraya – mandapa mandapa jalche alo, pujora masati katuk sabara bhala …… super duper happy mahasaptami

Mother is coming home, a year later Pujo rang at home, keep reading and writing… Happy Mahasaptami

The raft floated in the autumn clouds, the cough began to swell, the paruk stick on the lid, the pujo katuk fatafati. Greetings and sincere congratulations to Shardiya

Puja’s flute is playing far away. Mother is coming. The smell of hyacinths is coming year after year. Happy Mahasaptami

Autumn morning Himel wind Anamne so lost cashew flowers and drums Shiuli dance Dale Dale mother is coming year round so the wind of Pujo is all over the world.

The sound of drums can be heard. The arrival tune of the mother of the arrival tune has started. It is a fun game, so I congratulate you on this happy day. Happy Mahasaptami

May mother’s blessings always be with you on the auspicious date of Ashtami. Happy eighth.

This mind is intoxicated by the smell of hyacinth flowers all around .. Happy autumn is swaying across the sky Cash forest Autumn morning is announcing the arrival of mother .. Mahaashtami’s love wishes remain

The raft of clouds in the blue sky, the petals of the lotus flower fair.

May Mother Durga bless you and your family. May this pujo become the best Durga Pujo of your life. Best wishes for Durga Pujo.

Fulfill every prayer of your mind with the blessings of Mother Durga. Happy ninth.

Mother Durga’s blessings can guide you in the right path and help you in all your endeavors. Best wishes for Durga Navami to all


Durga Puja is a blessed time to rejoice in the glory of Mother Durga and celebrate all the blessings of the Goddess Happy Durga Navami with your friends, family and acquaintances.

May goodness flow in the world around us, on this day of Durga Navami and always remove the evils. Let it flow in the surrounding world, on this day of Durga Navami and always remove the evils.

May this auspicious day bring prosperity and joy, fill the environment and love, therefore, I wish you a great grand ninth!

The fountain and blessing of her grace with Goddess Durga fills our home and heart it, this Navratri can be extra special, to share this moment with the world. Happy Maha Nabami

Goddess Durga bless you like you, she has blessed Rama to fight like misery Happy Maha Nabami

On this auspicious occasion of Durga Navami I hope you are blessed with prosperity and success by Mother Durga Happy Maha Nabami

Pujo means raft of white clouds in the blue sky. Pujo means the return of lost love. Pujo means love again.

The wait for one year of pujo is over today The misty wind of autumn is awakening the joy of Durga pujo in the mind of every Bengali ..

After fulfilling many dreams, my mother left. How far is it for my mother to come, for my mother to go, for the new air of happiness to be sad, but what will be the benefit, next year will be again! – Happy victory

Puja is the last alley, mother says let’s go, Bhasan will burst, Vijaya Sara’s hutpati, it’s a new trend. Victory is in SMS. Happy Vijaya Dashami

The top of the dhak was a stick, and the puja was jamjamati. Today is the turn of mother’s return, so let me know this time. Good luck.

Bad drums, bad dhak, everyone is shocked to hear. Everyone will go to abandonment, they will get laughter and tears. Happiness and sorrow are mixed and happy victory is announced at the end.

Worship means joy and happiness, worship means chat. The mind sang in your mind on the day of worship. When the sixth to the tenth passes, the anxious heart waits throughout the year. Happy Durga Puja .. Good luck everyone.

To be good, to feel good, to feel good, to have some hope, to stay away from pain, to look back at happy memories, from bondage, victory means to move forward. Happy victory

 The company is Pujo’s time, today is my mother’s turn, next year will be again, this will come to my mind, the game of Sindur has started, Vijaya Sarab this time, so my special style, message is Vijaya Sara, happy Vijaya

 Kur kur kur baje dhak kailas yeh dilo dak will start sindur khela debi that today is the turn to go.

 After fulfilling many dreams, the mother leaves. What is the hope of the mother who is far away?


 Abandonment means to come back again, to be “happy” always around you. Dashmi’s kinship, a little sweet .. I wish everyone a happy victory, everyone be happy

 The hour of abandonment is bad, mother, it is time to leave, the hour of abandonment is bad, let’s all say it, next year will be again. Happy Vijay’s love and best wishes

 Remember the happy memories, from the mix to your loved ones. Forget all the arrogance of value, keep the lamp burning. Mother will come with this hope, everyone be happy together. Happy victory

 Congratulations to Vijay

 On this evening of Dashmi, Bella Sang is playing the game of Cinnamon, it is the turn of returning to mother’s house, saying goodbye with tears, it is mother’s turn to go, the coming year will come again. Happy victory.

 The end of Mahaparvan, the mind was filled with sorrow.

 Happy day of Pujo, passing in four days, mother’s day is today, good luck so let me know. The mind says today to the beat of the drum, next year the mother will leave… Happy victory

 The mother of abandonment is ready to go this time. The music of abandonment is bad, let’s all say it will happen again next year. Happy Vijay’s love and best wishes ..


 After fulfilling many dreams, my mother left. How far is it for my mother to come, for my mother to go, for the new air of happiness to be sad, but what will be the benefit, next year will be again! – Happy victory

 May victory be sweet, the sound of the drum is soft, mother’s smile is faint, now ma’am, goodbye, but next year will be again, keep everyone happy mother, victory be sweet, *** happy victory ***

 Happy mood in Panchami, Bodhan in Sasthi, Nacha Nachi in Saptami, Bhajan in Ashtami. Happy victory

 The sound of the drums mingled, the pujo is over…, just keep this happy line alive .. “Happy Victory”

 After all these three days of being bored with happiness and sorrow, I wish you victory today, so I would like to inform you that the coming year will be again in Dhaka. Happy victory.

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