75+ Baby Smile Quotes To Melt Your Heart


Baby Smile Quotes

A baby’s smile is so strong that it can make you forget all the trouble in the world.

All the sleepless nights when you are rewarded with a baby’s adorable smile make that effort worthwhile.



Beautiful Baby Smile Quotes

Just as when you see a smile on a baby’s lips, it is a moment of perfect joy and satisfaction, when they gently enter into a deep sleep.

There are no words to describe the overwhelming feeling your baby will feel when he first recognizes you and laughs.

Children go where they find happiness, and children want to be where they find love “- 

Never miss a chance to say this to a child – I love you” – 

There is a wonderful childhood in every student” 

Children are the anchor that holds her mother’s life” 

Every child is a different kind of flower and together they can make this world a beautiful garden ,


I smile every day alone because the opportunity I get makes me feel like a kid at Disneyland, and I look forward to the next job on a regular basis. 

The goal of my new dressing is to make little kids and kids smile in all the bright, conflicting colors I can wear together. It makes me laugh when I look at my own reflection – life is not short, it’s not fun! 

The best gift you can give your child is a sense of responsibility from an early age and the second is freedom” 

You can learn a lot from a child, but how much time can you give to that? ”  – Happy Children’s Day

We can give all children the love that God gives us all” – Happy Children’s Day

A child can ask a question that is difficult for a wise man to answer” – Happy Children’s Day


Most kids know we win know we can’t help them see the smile and smile back. – Madeleine M. Quinn

A child can resist everything in the world except smile

The way society treats children reflects society’s image. 

Children are like mud in the garden.  They need to be cared for with the utmost care and affection. “

Children are the kind of creatures that make up their own world.”

We dedicate this day so that our children can have a bright future. “


Every child is born with the message that the Creator has not yet lost faith in man.”

Well I’m sure you can’t resist quoting these funny laughs and reading them will make you laugh too.

The government can only give you roads, hospitals and schools and colleges.  But your home will be brighter when your child is well educated. 

The more children grow up, the more we believe in them. “


Children should be taught how to think, not what to think.”


One of my sisters will play with me in the first year of my life. She is called Good Baby, Bad Baby. This is to say I am a good kid until I smile and laugh, then I am a bad baby baby until I come back to crying this training will make me stand in a good place for the rest of my life. – Ali Smith

A child is worried about what will happen tomorrow, but we forget that he is still someone today.”

Children are not very good at listening to adults, but they never fail to follow adults.”

Children are like wet soil, and whatever falls on it is imprinted”

Children are some of the hands by which we can touch heaven”


What can a baby smile? It can cleanse your soul and spread a smile on your sad heart.

Pure happiness gets nothing but a child’s innocent smile

Children need to be loved unselfishly.  It’s very difficult, but it’s the only way. “

The message of a child creator that the world still has to move forward”

The best way to raise children is to make them happy”

Everything I do for children is a hero to me.”

When I see children, I have two feelings – one is affection for them and the other is respect.”


No one can ever get tired of looking at a child’s smiling face.

If you want to see genuine kindness in today’s world, look for a happy baby.

I want to go back to my childhood once again

Where just fun and fun,

There is no sorrow, pain, thought.

Children spend time on the Internet today,

Another name of childhood is simplicity.

Childhood is the time to make mistakes; where people learn to make mistakes.

The most useful thing to make a dream come true;  A beautiful and curious childhood.


A baby smile in the evening can turn your stressful day into a heavenly Sunday.

The best feeling in the world is knowing that you made that baby smile.

If only I could go back to my childhood,

 Who else wanted to endure this trap of growing up!

I just smile,

I understand the meaning of childhood today!

The happiest of all seasons of life is the season of childhood.

Childhood friendship is one of the happiest memories that will never be forgotten;  It remains intact in the bond of love and faith.

There is nothing more enjoyable than listening to your own childhood stories.



Feel the baby smile for me and take me to heaven with your smile.

A baby’s smile is really strong. It can move people with a hard heart and the hardest mothers make them soft.

A child’s smile is a language that can melt anyone’s heart.

The feeling you get after a baby’s smile is the best feeling in the world.

When you come home and see your baby’s smile, the feeling of tiredness just goes away

A baby’s smile is the antidote to your stress.

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