Happy Children’s Day Images 2021: Wishes, Quotes, Messages, WhatsApp and Facebook Status, Greetings

Happy Children’s Day 2021 Wishes Quotes 

Happy Children’s Day Images 2021 Wishes Quotes Messages

No matter how old a person is, childhood is hidden somewhere in his mind. There is a day of the year that awakens the childhood in the mind. That day is November 14. This day is dedicated to children only. India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was born on November 14. Seeing his love for children and his popularity among the little ones, Nehru’s birthday was celebrated as ‘Children’s Day’. He is also known as ‘Uncle Nehru’. On this day cultural programs and various competitions are organized in all the schools of the country.

Today In this Post We have shared some of  messages about Children’s Day, which you can share with your friends and relatives. Also, you can share on social media.

Happy Children’s Day Images 2021: Wishes, Facebook and WhatsApp Greetings

Happy Children's Day 2021

….Every child is a different kind of flower and together they can create a beautiful garden in this world.

 Happy Children’s Day 2021

…..Kids are rising stars, the more you inspire them the more they will learn. 

 Happy Children’s Day 2021

Happy Children's Day  wishes

Happy Children’s Day 2021 Quotes

……..Children are like garden buds and should be nurtured with care and love, because they are the future of the nation and the citizens of the future. It is possible to build a better society through proper education…..
Happy Children’s Day 2021

Do you know what is the most beautiful thing in the world? The smile on your face. We are happy to get that. 

 Happy Children’s Day.

Happy Children’s Day 2021 Images

Today’s children are the future of tomorrow. Let’s make this world a safe and enjoyable place for children. 

 Happy Children’s Day

…Childhood is the happiest time. No worries. There is no responsibility. As long as you are young, enjoy….

….. I can’t tell you how special you are to us. Be well

Happy Children’s Day

…  You’ll grow up one day, I know. But keep this beautiful childhood mind alive.

Happy Children’s Day 2021 Wishes Messages

…….All our sacrifices and hard work are just for you. We are working hard to make this world easier for you…

 Happy Children’s Day.

  Grow up the way you want. May all your coming be fulfilled. 

 Happy Children’s Day.

Happy Children’s Day 2021 Imsges

……Your happiness is the only thing we want. I live every day to make your future beautiful….

 I can only leave our roots for you. This is our gift to you. Happy Children’s Day.


No matter how old you are, you will be young to us. Happy Children’s Day.

 Children’s Day Wishes from Teachers

If money could buy happiness, then everyone would want to buy their childhood left with whatever money they have. Wanted to get back. Because this is the best time of life. Now that’s what you’re enjoying. 

 Happy Children’s Day.

 You can learn a lot from a child, but how much time can you give to that? ” – 

Happy Children’s Day

…..We can give all children the love that God gives us all” – Happy Children’s Day

 Inspirational Quotes # 12

 “A child can ask a question that is difficult for a wise man to answer” – Happy Children’s Day

 Children’s Day Messages 2021 

It is very important to give love to children, especially when they do not deserve that love” – ​​Happy Children’s Day

 “Selflessly love your child It’s hard to do, but that’s the only way. “- 
Happy Children’s Day

Happy Children’s Day 2021 Images

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