Valentines Days Week List 2022, Date, Rose Day, Kiss Day, Promise Day, Week Full List 2022


Valentines Day Week  List 2022

Valentine’s Week has begun.  Today is February 8, Rose Day the first day of Valentine’s Week.  Today, every lover expresses his love to his loved ones with different types of flowers and roses.  A bouquet of roses is a traditional gift that lovers give each other on Rose Day or Valentine’s Day.

Roses play an important role in every step of love, be it friendship or love!  The colors of these Valentine roses have a traditional meaning, symbolizing the giver’s feelings towards the recipient.  While red roses are a symbol of love and romance, yellow and pink roses also have deep meanings and connections.  Similarly, white, peach, orange, each of these roses has a special meaning.

What is Rose Day?  What does Rose Day mean?

Rose Day is the first week of Love Week.  This is the day when people start celebrating Love Week.  Rose Day falls on February 7 every year.  On this day, people exchange roses of different colors.  People greet their loved ones with roses and acknowledge feelings towards each other.  Rose themed gifts are also sent to friends and loved ones on this day.  If you want to celebrate Rose Day with your loved ones, send them wonderful greetings and messages on the occasion of Rose Day.  Express your love to someone special in your life and make them feel special on this day.

So, on this Rose Day or Valentine’s Day, if you are planning to give a bouquet of roses to someone special, here is information about different colored roses that you should know.  Knowing the meaning of different colors of roses, you will fall in deep love with your loved one.  Take a look at them

Red rose

Beautiful red roses that define the meaning of Valentine’s Day.  Roses are considered a symbol of beauty, love and passion.  So, to give someone a gift of red roses is to express their love.

White rose

The purity of white roses is very special.  Giving someone a white rose on Rose Day means true and holy.  This is also ideal for long distance relationships, because giving someone a white rose means you miss that special person in your life.  Also, white flowers are used to mean starting something new.  It is also used to mourn the death of someone

Valentine’s Day Week Calendar 2022

  • Rose Day: 7 February 2022

  • Propose Day: 8 February 2022

  • Chocolate Day: 9 February 2022

  • Teddy Day: 10 February 2022

  • Promise Day: 11 February 2022

  • Hug Day: 12 February 2022

  • Kiss Day: 13 February 2022

  • Valentine‚Äôs Day: 14 February 2022

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