Top 30 Hilarious Instagram Reality Pics That Are Legit Jumpscares

 Horror movies aren’t the only things that can make you jump. People really think they are the hot stuff in some of these pictures where they look like they came out of one. How do some people not understand that they don’t need to have perfectly white teeth, glossy, poreless skin, to be considered pretty?

It’s a whole lot better to look normal rather than a blurry ghost with an unrealistically wide derriere that is physically impossible. Because this Reddit group where people call out horrid edits will be where you end up in. Let’s hope they’re in a better place in life after these.. disasters.

“When you can’t hide the lines in the background warping so you photoshop them out entirely.”

“Do people still believe these are real photos?”

“Found one in the wild – I am flabbergasted.”

“She says that her goal is to be a French doll. Her Instagram VS an interview.”

“Who even needs organs?”

“Noses are clearly overrated… who even needs them?”

“A famous singer in Romania (what she posts on IG vs. screenshot from a video).”

“Found on an Instagram story. It scared the bejesus out of me.”

“How do I tell someone to tone down the filter?”

“Wtf is up with those hands?!?!?!”

“This Instagram account that charges for ‘editing tutorials.’”

“Toe down! Toe down!!”

“A very famous 63-year-old woman completely unrecognizable.”

“She uses the one on the left for her job application… I really don’t understand it, I also love filters, but I’m well aware that they change my appearance and doesn’t look like me. But she use the picture for a job application?! Smh”

“Scared me a little bit, not gonna lie.”

“Upload vs screenshot from unedited video.”

“What the model posted vs the Getty Photographer.”

“When a family member accidentally posts your real face.”

“You know what’s bizarre.. I opened this ad listing for a wig and thought it was a person with a really bad photoshop job, but it’s actually a badly photoshopped mannequin. Even they aren’t safe anymore.”

“This girl with Polish and Scandinavian parents suddenly turning into a Brazilian.”

“I… I don’t even know what to say. Lord have mercy.”

“Do brands even look at photos before sharing them?”

“Not enough guys on here, but they’re just as guilty.”

“I could be wrong but I don’t think that’s how upper thighs work.”

“Posted vs tagged (Different person in the middle).”


“I just has to share this find.”

“Photographer posted his “retouching” work on a Facebook group.”

“Spotted on Facebook. It feels almost satirical in its lack of awareness.”

“75y old Dutch television personality. Left a recent pic on Instagram, right am event in 2019.”

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