Top 5 Hospitals in Mumbai for better treatment.

Top 5 Hospitals in Mumbai-

Top hospitals in Mumbai are renowned for their state-of-the-art facilities and medical expertise. They offer a range of healthcare services and cater to patients from across the country and around the world.

Many of these hospitals are accredited by international organizations, such as JCI. This ensures that they meet the highest standards of quality and safety. They also have a large pool of highly trained doctors and nurses, as well as access to advanced medical technology.

1.Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

It is the flagship social initiative of the Reliance Group and represents a confluence of top talent, cutting-edge technology, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The hospital has earned an international reputation for its quality of healthcare and is home to many firsts in the country, including the world’s first 3-room intra-operative MRI suite (IMRIS), Asia’s first Novalis TX stereotactic radiosurgery system from Varian Medical Systems, and India’s 1st spine surgery suite featuring the O-arm.

The hospital is a multi-specialty facility that offers high-quality treatment to patients from all over the country and beyond. Its team of doctors and nurses is highly experienced and is dedicated to providing the best possible care for their patients. They are also committed to fostering a culture of patient safety and excellence in the hospital.

The average take-home salary for a Doctor at Kokilaben DhirubhaiAmbani Hospital is Rs10.5 Lakhs per year. This is based on responses from 10 Doctors at Kokilaben DhirubhaiAmbani hospital submitted to AmbitionBox.

2.Jaslok Hospital

Jaslok Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital in Mumbai that was founded by philanthropist Seth Lokoomal Chanrai and his wife, Jasotibai. It was inaugurated by the former Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, on July 6, 1973. The hospital is a charitable trust and is financed by donors. Its mission is to provide high-quality patient care backed by research, human touch, and technology.

The hospital has more than 35 established specialties and is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. It also employs over 265 consultants and 140 fully qualified resident doctors. It is also engaged in several medical research efforts, both in collaboration with other institutions in India and abroad.

In addition to its cutting-edge healthcare services, Jaslok Hospital has a strong focus on training future physicians and health care professionals. It offers various fellowship programs and courses that allow students to gain hands-on clinical experience in different medical fields. Moreover, it has a dedicated department that provides critical care for patients with complex diseases, including heart failure and respiratory disorders. The hospital’s team of skilled physicians is able to treat difficult cases that are often refused by other hospitals.

3.Fortis Hospital Mulund

The hospital is a multi-specialty, tertiary care facility that has earned the reputation of being one of the best in the country. Its state-of-the-art facilities, compassionate team of doctors, and dedicated staff have contributed to its prominent status in the healthcare industry. The hospital offers treatment for a wide range of medical conditions, including cardiology and cardiac surgery, oncology and cancer, organ transplant, urology, nephrology, orthopaedics, digestive care, and critical care.

Fortis Hospital Mulund is also known for its renowned bone marrow transplantation unit, which specializes in both autologous and allogeneic transplants. Its doctors have extensive experience in treating difficult cases with rigorous standards of care and scientific knowledge.

The hospital is located just 15 kilometers from Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, making it convenient for patients from both India and abroad to access world-class care. Its specialized teams offer comprehensive care in a safe and comfortable environment, ensuring that each patient receives the highest level of treatment and service. This has helped the hospital attract medical tourists from around the world.

4.Breach Candy Hospital

Located on the seashore in South Mumbai, Breach Candy Hospital is known for its medical expertise and advanced diagnostic facilities.  It also offers a charitable wing that provides free treatment to poor patients. The hospital has one of the highest nurse-patient ratios in its wards.

The hospital’s pathology laboratory specializes in cancer and AIDS diagnosis. Its Surgical Pathology, Cytology and Immunohistochemistry section has built up a reputation for its cancer diagnoses and publishes original papers in leading journals. It also acts as a referral laboratory for public hospitals.

This multispecialty hospital is well equipped with modern technology and is manned by highly qualified doctors. It has a team of experienced nurses and support staff. The hospital provides round-the-clock emergency services.

The hospital is a short walk from the Gateway of India and other top attractions in Mumbai. It is also close to Haji Ali Dargah, which is famous for its fairground attractions and fortunetellers. The park offers sweeping coastal views and a children’s playground inspired by a nursery rhyme.

5.Hinduja Hospital

When India’s partition caused a huge influx of refugees to Bombay, the city was in dire need of healthcare facilities. Sanitation was poor and the medical problems had multiplied beyond the capacity of the city’s public hospitals to handle. A group of Sindhi philanthropists pooled their resources to establish an outdoor clinic that could provide basic healthcare services to the migrants.

Today, Hinduja Hospital is a premier multi-speciality hospital serving the western region of India. The hospital is known for its dedicated service to patients in need at a cost-effective price range and has received many accolades from the Government and independent organisations. It follows strict standards of hiring and training to ensure its team is up to speed on the latest medical protocols and clinical pathways. It also uses a web-based tool to manage quality compliance, which allows professionals to track their performance and identify areas for improvement.

The hospital lays a strong emphasis on Clinical Excellence, Research and Academics. It has a research department that is actively engaged in clinical trials, drug discovery and basic research across multiple disciplines including Oncology, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Nephrology, Neurology, Infertility and infectious diseases such as TB.


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