100+ “Good Luck” Wishes Everyone in Your Life Will Appreciate

A funny thing about life: There always seems to be something changing about it. The people we care about land new jobs, buy their dream home across the country and take other significant steps in building the future they desire. As such, it’s important to be supportive and show them how much you care. A great way to do that is to send plenty of “good luck” wishes their way.

Similar to “congratulations” messages, “thinking of you” messages, “happy birthday” wishes and retirement wishes, “good luck” wishes express your genuine feelings and show the recipient you have them in your thoughts. Admittedly, it’s easy to get stumped when writing these messages. How do you say what you mean without rambling on and on? No worries—just look at this list of great “good luck” wishes to share with those you care about most. Feel free to use them

Short “good luck” wishes

1. Congratulations and good luck with everything!

2. Good luck! Wishing you nothing but the best.

3. Best of luck with everything that lies ahead.

4. Good luck, my dear!

5. You earned this. Good luck!

6. Good luck with everything—you’ve got this.

7. Good luck today!

8. Wishing you all the best with your endeavors.

9. Sending you lots of luck today and every day.

10. Good luck—I believe in you!

11. Wishing you good luck and sending you good vibes.

12. Best of luck, pal!

13. May good luck and good fortune follow you.

14. I’m so happy for you—best of luck, my friend!

15. Good luck on all your new adventures.

16. You’re going to crush it—good luck!

17. Crossing my fingers for you. Good luck!

18. Can’t wait to watch you win—good luck.

19. Good luck—I just know you’re going to succeed.

20. I’m so excited for you. Good luck!

21. Good luck, and may you have the best experience possible.

22. Good luck on your upcoming journey.

23. Wishing you the very best!

24. Good luck and best wishes.

25. Good luck on your path ahead!

Sentimental “good luck” wishes

26. I’m beyond proud of everything you’ve accomplished. Good luck—I’m rooting for you!

27. Good luck to the sweetest and most hardworking person I know. You’ve got this!

28. Good luck, my friend—may your adventures be grand and your worries be small.

29. You’re going to do so many great things, and I can’t wait to see you thrive. Good luck, rock star.

30. Good luck—you’re a special soul who deserves nothing but the best!

31. You deserve all this and more, my friend. Good luck with all that’s on your path.

32. Good luck! Whatever you do, you’ll do it with grace and excellence.

33. It’s your time. Good luck, and may the path to greatness be filled with grand adventures.

34. Good luck, dear—I hope this is everything you’ve ever wanted and more!

35. Go forth and shine bright in all you do. Good luck!

36. Fabulous things lie ahead. Good luck and enjoy–you deserve it.

37. Always remember that you are strong, brave and can do anything you put your mind to. Good luck!

38. Good luck with your latest excursion—may it be as lovely as you are.

39. You’ve worked so hard to get to this moment. Soak it all in and enjoy. Best of luck for what lies ahead!

40. Don’t ever doubt yourself—you’re right where you need to be, and everything will fall into place. Good luck with everything, my friend.

41. Good luck! Seize the day and give it everything you’ve got.

42. Believe in yourself and the rest will fall into place. Wishing you nothing but good luck for the future!

43. Sending heaps of good luck your way! I know you’re going to crush this. Can’t wait to hear all the details.

44. Wishing the best of luck to one of the greatest people I know. Enjoy this time and all that comes with it.

45. Good luck as you pave your own golden path to greatness.

46. I know this is everything you’ve ever wanted, and I’m honored to watch you get it. Good luck!

47. Good luck to a dear friend and phenomenal person. May your future be as bright as your smile!

48. My heart swells with pride just thinking of all you’ve accomplished and all you’re going to do. Good luck—your future awaits.

49. Good luck and go forward with confidence and elegance, my dear.

50. Best wishes and good luck with what comes next. Whatever the outcome is, know I’ve got your back!

Inspiring “good luck” wishes

51. The past is behind you—now it’s time to embrace the future. Wishing you nothing but good luck as you look forward.

52. Onward and upward! Good luck with what comes next—I know you’re going to do great things.

53. Shoot for the moon, kid. Best wishes for your bright future.

54. It’s better to look back and say “Well, at least I tried” than “Wow, I wish I’d tried.” Good luck!

55. To say I’m proud is an understatement. Good luck, and may the journey ahead be lovely.

56. Sending a plethora of “good luck” wishes your way. I can’t wait to see you drive down the path of success.

57. Good luck, and remember—you’re strong, brave and have a lovely outlook on life.

58. The future may be intimidating, but fear not—you will walk forward, strong and confident. Good luck!

59. Good luck with everything. I know you’ve worked hard for this moment, and I’ll forever admire your dedication and perseverance.

60. You control what lies ahead, my friend. Steer your destiny your way, and best of luck.

61. Change may be hard, but staying somewhere you’ve outgrown is harder. Know that I support you no matter what. Good luck with everything!

62. Taking that first step is scary, but so worth it. You’re well on your way. Good luck!

63. Good luck—know that I believe in you and am here for whatever you need.

64. Here’s to you and all your big, beautiful dreams. Good luck!

65. I just know you’re going to have another win under your belt after today. Best of luck.

66. Your kind heart and sharp mind will take you far. Good luck!

67. Good luck to you, wise one. You can do whatever your heart desires.

68. Talk about an exciting time! Good luck—you’ll enjoy the well-deserved fruits of your labor before you know it.

69. Good luck looks good on you, my dear. Believe in yourself and all will be right.

70. Life’s got big plans for you. Good luck!

71. Wishing you nothing but good luck today—go out and show them what you’ve got!

72. Sending many “good luck” wishes to you! Now, go on and wow everyone.

73. Wishing a very special person the best of luck. I have no doubt in my mind you’ll do fantastic.

74. Good luck, and may everything you’ve worked so hard for come your way with grace.

75. What’s meant to be will always find a way. Good luck, my friend—your future is bright!

Funny “good luck” wishes

76. Get out there and knock ’em dead—good luck!

77. Good luck and break a leg. Well, don’t really break a leg … that wouldn’t be so lucky, huh?

78. Remember, luck is a lady—so treat her right! Sending you lots of “good luck” wishes today.

79. Good luck! And if things don’t go your way, I’ll be here with open arms … and lots of chocolate.

80. Keep putting one foot in front of the other—just don’t trip on a rogue shoelace. Best of luck with everything.

81. I hope you ate your Lucky Charms this morning! Good luck today.

82. I’d say good luck, but you already met me … so your luck has already maxed out. Joking, of course—best of luck, pal!

83. I’ve been wearing my lucky socks for a whole week just for you. Yeah, you’re welcome. Sending good vibes your way!

84. Things to avoid today: black cats, walking under ladders, breaking mirrors … you get the picture. Good luck!

85. Roses are red, violets are blue, you’ve got a big day ahead, so I’m sending “good luck” wishes to you!

86. Good luck and godspeed, my friend.

87. I’m calling you “hammer” from now on—because I know you’re going to nail this. Good luck!

88. Alright, I’ll loan you some luck today. But I expect it back with interest!

89. Good luck, and if things don’t work out, I already have a plan for us to start new lives in a different country. It’s always good to be prepared.

90. Crossing my fingers AND my toes for you today. Good luck!

91. Good luck! And hey, if things go well for you today, why not share the luck and grab me a lottery ticket on the way home?

92. As your official “good luck” charm, I’m here to tell you everything looks to be going in your favor. Sending lots of luck your way!

93. May luck follow you wherever you go—and, yes, that includes the bathroom.

94. Lucky, hardworking, naturally talented … oh, sorry, I’ll stop describing myself now. Kidding (unless you agree)—best of luck, you’ll do great!

95. Watch out, four-leaf clover—this one’s got all the luck right now. Sending you lots of good vibes and well wishes.

96. You’re one lucky ducky who fits the bill for this next adventure! Wishing you nothing but the best.

97. Get the kettle ready, because I’m sending lots of positivitea your way. Good luck!

98. May you have the luck of a million face-up pennies today—and if you’re really lucky, you’ll actually find a million face-up pennies. Keep those eyes peeled.

99. It took some favors, but I got all the lucky stars to shine for you tonight. You’re welcome. Good luck with everything, and best wishes!

100. They say sharing is caring … so, care to share some of that luck you have? Jokes aside, I know you’ve got this—good luck!

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